Regional Vector Coordinator

This recruitment exercise will be used to fill a vacancy in Cairns, QLD. This vacancy will work across the following Streams.

Science Services Group (SSG)
The Operational Science Services (OSS) team works within the Science Service Group (SSG) to provide diagnostic services for pests, pathogens and plants/seeds detected in imported goods and associated with conveyances and travelers, as well as National Border Surveillance (NBS) activities within the department’s jurisdictions. 

Inspection Services Group (ISG)
The Inspection Services Group (ISG) delivers services to verify compliance with Australia’s biosecurity and export market requirements. ISG works as a team to anticipate risk and acts quickly and effectively to protect our economy, environment and communities.

The Job

The greater portion of the role will be Northern Region Regional Vector Coordinator duties with a smaller component dedicated to delivery of NBS activities in Far North Queensland. The role will be managed by local OSS and is responsible for the following duties: 

1. Under minimal supervision, assisting in routine mosquito vector monitoring activities and on occasion carry out inspections of high risk cargo and vessels across a range of geographical locations.
2. Coordinating and performing regular NBS and vector surveillance activities at wharf areas and airport precincts noting that this will involve working outside, conducting field surveillance throughout the year.
3. Performing routine diagnostic tasks that may include:
- triage of specimens in the field
- identification of mosquito specimens to species
- preparation of other specimens for laboratory diagnosis
- preparation of specimens for long-term preservation and inclusion in the  department’s reference collections
- sourcing appropriate literature and diagnostic tools
- securing reference specimens for the OSS national network.
4. Providing technical, operational and administrative support to vector and NBS officers across the region and periodically reviewing surveillance activities to ensure approach is effective, justified and consistent with national requirements.
5. Procuring, maintaining and managing vector monitoring and NBS surveillance equipment and other resources.
6. Providing technical training to NBS officers, vector officers and other stakeholders as required.
7. Maintaining accurate computer based and manual records of collection and spatial data and preparing local and regional reports, maps and industry extension material, as required.
8. Liaising and sustaining productive working relationships with clients, stakeholder and government agencies to manage vector and NBS surveillance operations and mitigation of biosecurity risk, as necessary.
9. Working as part of a broader OSS, NBS and vector monitoring network, which includes officers working in other states and ports.

This position requires a Baseline level security clearance. The successful applicant will be required to obtain and maintain a clearance at this level. To be eligible for employment with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, an applicant must be an Australian citizen.

Please refer to the duty statement for the skills, knowledge and other requirements for this position.


Candidate Information Package

Duty Statement