Office Bearers

The role of our Office Bearers is to set policies, strategies and objectives in order for the association to fulfill its obligations to its members.
Philip Weinstein

Philip Weinstein

Director - President
Richard James Rowe

Richard Rowe

Director - Operations
Melissa Kate Van De Wetering

Melissa Van De Wetering

Director - Student Representative
Katja Hogendoorn

Katja Hogendoorn

Director - Strategy
Michael Braby

Michael Braby

Director - Chief Editor
Murray Fletcher

Murray Fletcher

Director - Communications
Lizzy Lowe

Lizzy Lowe

Director - Social Media
Stacey Anderson

Stacey Anderson

Myrmecia Editor
Samantha Elizabeth Ward

Samantha Ward

Assistant Myrmecia Editor

Regional Representatives


Bruce Halliday

ACT Regional Representative
ACT Regional Representative1115
Kris Le Mottee

Kris Le Mottee

NSW Regional Representative
NSW Regional Representative2516

Markus Riegler

NSW Sydney Metropolitan Regional Representative
NSW Sydney Metropolitan Regional Representative1238
Brian Thistleton

Brian Thistleton

NT Regional Representative
NT Regional Representative1696
Mark Ero

Mark Ero

PNG Regional Representative
PNG Regional Representative1088
Leanne Nelson, Entomologist

Leanne Nelson

QLD Regional Representative
QLD Regional Representative2381
Erinn  Fagan-Jeffries

Erinn Fagan-Jeffries

SA Regional Representative
SA Regional Representative2070
Stephen  Quarrell

Stephen Quarrell

TAS Regional Representative
TAS Regional Representative1489
Linda Semeraro

Linda Semeraro

VIC Regional Representative
VIC Regional Representative1251

Nihara Gunawardene

WA Regional Representative
WA Regional Representative1110