Technical Officer (Entomology)


Agriculture and Fisheries

Crop Protection Systems RD&E; Crop and Food Science; Agri-Science Queensland; Bjelke Petersen Research Station, Kingaroy

You will work on a research project of Improved Invertebrate Pest Management in the Northern Grains Region supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.


Job type


Temporary Full-time

Occupational group






Workplace Location


Kingaroy (Wide Bay region)

Job ad reference



Closing date



Yearly salary


$53754 - $63790

Fortnightly salary


$2060.40 - $2445.10

Job duration


Temporary until 30 June 2019

Contact person


Liz Williams

Contact details


Ph: (07) 4182 1818


Key duties and accountabilities

  • Mass rear and maintain live colonies of various insects under controlled insectary conditions following standard procedures.  This will require a high level of manual dexterity and concentration when handling various life stages (eggs, neonates, adults).
  • Plan, establish and maintain plants in a glasshouse environment.  Detect plant diseases and disorders early and apply pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals where required.  Ability to work in warm to hot and humid temperatures.
  • Undertake field work under various climatic conditions in agricultural settings throughout Queensland and New South Wales in relation to Integrated Pest Management strategies for invertebrate pests of pulse and grain crops.  This may include planting field crops, applying chemicals, harvesting and invertebrate/plant/vertebrate sampling or observations, as well as repetitive sample processing in field or laboratory conditions. 
  • Basic laboratory management, including high level organisation and hygiene, compliance with workplace health and safety procedures (especially in regards to chemicals) and general day-to-day operations.
  • Collect, collate, evaluate and undertake preliminary analysis of project data whilst maintaining data integrity through use of appropriate computer and scientific technology.
  • Work effectively as part of a team of scientists and technicians, as well as having the capacity to work independently and with initiative under minimal supervision. 

Key capabilities

To determine your suitability for the role, you will be assessed on the following key capabilities that link to the “key duties and accountabilities” for this role:

  • Applies technical knowledge and skills to conduct laboratory, glasshouse and field experiments with agricultural crops, including processing of samples and data collection, in order to perform the job at a high level of accomplishment [Functional/Technical Skills (24)].
  • Establishes priorities and organises work flow to meet strict deadlines and produce quality outcomes [Organising (39)] .
  • Applies rigorous process and logic to solve difficult problems and find effective solutions. [Problem Solving (51)].
  • Works cooperatively as a team player to solve problems quickly and effectively [Peer Relationships (42)].

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