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Plant Pathology and Entomology Capability Study 2012


Bruce Howie, Managing Director - C-Qual Agriculture Pty Ltd

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Please provide feedback and comments on the survey to our President, Penny Gullan, at penelope.gullan@anu.edu.au

                   Plant Pathology and Entomology Capability Study 2006

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Methods for collecting, preserving and studying insects and other terrestrial arthropods


    Methods for collecting, preserving and studying insects and other terrestrial arthropods. 5th Edition. The Australian Entomological Society Miscellaneous Publication No. 3.

A popular and comprehensive guide to all aspects of collecting and preparing insect specimens.

$22.00 each

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Plant Biosecurity Toolbox

This is a CRC National Plant Biosecurity project that QDPI&F Plant Science has developed.

The idea is to have a national ‘one stop shop’ for information used to identify Emergency Plant Pests i.e. Biology, Taxonomy, Detection, Diagnosis etc.

The Plant Biosecurity Toolbox can be accessed on the PaDIL—Pest and Disease Image Library.

Recent publications of interest


Collecting and Sampling Insects

  Collecting and Sampling Insects, by Ian Endersby and published by the Entomological Society of Victoria

This book provides comprehensive information on a range of sampling techniques for those conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys for:
  • Monitoring land management or conservation practices
  • Documenting life histories and behaviour
  • Delineating range or habitat usage
  • Public education on the breadth of insect diversity and the role of insects in the environment

For more information, or to order your copy:

Download the brochure and order form (PDF 223 KB).



Moths of Victoria



Moths of Victoria, by Peter Marriott and published by the Entomological Society of Victoria.

The Entomological Society of Victoria has just published the first of a series of books that plans to illustrate every recorded species of moth from Victoria as a set specimen and with many habitus shots. An accompanying CD contains checklists and biological and distribution data. Volume 1 covers the Bombycoidea.

Contact the Entomological Society of Victoria for more information or Download the brochure and order form (PDF 198 KB).


Bugs Alive! A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates

Bugs Alive! A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates, by Alan Henderson, Deanna Henderson and Jessie Sinclair and Published by Museum Victoria.

Giant mantids, stick insects, scorpions and spiders — coming to a pet shop near you!

These amazing creatures and other minibeasts are becoming increasingly popular as pets and as displays in schools, zoos and other education venues.

This exciting new title is the first book on keeping Australian invertebrates. Bugs Alive! contains detailed descriptions (including life-cycle, breeding and feeding) of over 90 species, as well as easy to follow instructions for housing and caring for your invertebrate. Stunning colour photographs and line-art are used extensively throughout the book to describe animals and their anatomy, as well as to depict construction of housing,feeding methods and special displays.

Available at all good bookstores and the Melbourne Museum Shop. Telephone: 03 8341 7620

Further information and links to purchasing options on the Melbourne Museum Website