2017 Science Protecting Plant Health conference

Organisers of the Science protecting Plant Health Conference are welcoming entomologists as they are an important part of the meeting particularly in the area of Biosecurity. The meeting will be held from 26-28 September 2017 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Themes will focus on the latest science, research and practice from leaders in their fields encompassing all the disciplines of plant biosecurity and plant health science (pathology and entomology). Recent developments, as well as future advances, will be showcased at this peak event, with presentations by international, national and local speakers in a well-rounded program augmented by poster presentation and an exciting social schedule. Field trips, including to the spectacular “Carnival of Flowers” in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, are currently being planned, as is a series of workshops by expert presenters on specific disciplines. One of our Plenary Speakers is an entomologist from New Zealand: Dr Mark Hoddle. Hoddle’s research focuses primarily on the classical biological control of invasive arthropod pests affecting agricultural, urban and wilderness areas. See the website for more details! www.sciplant2017.com.au

Registrations Now Open