Vale two eminent female colleagues

Members of the Society will be saddened to learn of the death of Barbara York Main. Barbara spent much of her life studying mygalomorph spiders. She was most recently in the news at the death (by predation) of her 'Number 16', a spider followed through life, that survived 43 years in the field. Barbara was a powerful advocate against habitat destruction and the consequent loss of biodiversity through Western Australia. An obituary by Mark Harvey is on the Western Australian Museum site.

The death of Densey Clyne will also sadden members. Densey was an outstanding communicator, author and photographer who brought the abundant invertebrate life in her backyard in Sydney to Australian television screens in the 1980s and 1990s. WIth her partner Jim Frazier, they established Mantis Wildlife films which provided extraordinary footage of the nature of Australia and neighbouring areas, many of which featured in some of David Attenborough's most watched television series. A photograph of Densey and some personal notes from Dave Rentz can be found on his blog at