About the award

The Society’s award for excellence in entomology at mid career will be the Ian Mackerras Medal and is given every two years (even years) to a member of the Society who is judged by the Board as being mid career and who has demonstrated excellence in entomology over many years.

The award is named in honour of Dr Ian Mackerras, the Society’s first President and an entomologist who embodied the excellence in entomological pursuits that the award recognises.


Nominations for the award are due by 31 August of an award year:

Using the link below, complete the online form and provide:

  1.  Full name and current position of the nominee.
  2. Full name(s) and contact details of the nominator(s)
  3. In no more than two pages, provide details of the nominee's contribution to entomology which you believe qualifies him/her for this prestigious award.
  4. Add details of the nominee's contribution towards the AES and entomological community in Australia generally.
  5. There is an expectation that the successful nominee will attend the next AES conference for the medal presentation and will deliver a keynote address. An abstract for the latter should accompany the nomination.
  6. Developing the keynote address into a review paper for Austral Entomology is encouraged.

Online Application Form

Dr Martin Steinbauer wins the 2016 Mackerras Medal

Dr Martin Steinbauer is Reader / Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution (DEEE) at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

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Prof. Tony Clarke wins the 2014 Ian Mackerras Medal

Prof. Tony Clarke is an academic with the School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland.

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Dr M.F. Braby wins the 2012 Ian Mackerras Medal

Dr Michael Braby is Entomologist/Invertebrate Conservation Biologist, at the Biodiversity Conservation Division, Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport in the Northern Territory.

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Past recipients 

2016 Dr Martin Steinbauer
2014  Prof. Tony Clarke
2012  Dr Michael Braby
2010 Professor Scott O'Neill
2008  Dr David Yeates
2004  Prof. A. Hoffmann
2002  Dr G.P. Fitt
2000  Dr P.G. Allsopp
1996  Dr M.P. Zalucki
1992  Dr E.S. Nielsen
1990  Dr R.A.I. Drew
1988  Dr T.R. New
1986  Dr R.W. Sutherst
1984 Dr J.A.L. Watson