Dr Murray Fletcher Wins The 2019 Pat Marks Medal

Murray Fletcher has been a father figure in Australian entomology for decades. He has contributed to entomology both nationally and internationally, as well as being of outstanding service to the AES. Not only does he have an excellent track record in both research and research translation (with significant evidence of impact), but – and almost uniquely these days – he has been responsible for training a significant fraction of the next generation of insect taxonomists. The Pat Marks medal is awarded on the basis of career contribution to entomology, and he has indeed contributed at the very pinnacle of what is humanly possible… and continues to do so in retirement.




Pr. Tim New Wins the Inaugural Pat Marks Medal (2017)

Prof. Tim New has been awarded the Australian Entomological Society's lifetime achievement award, the Pat Marks Medal. This is the first time this award has been made. Prof. New has contributed significantly to the study of many different insect groups with his earlier years focussed on the taxonomy of smaller orders, particularly Psocoptera and Neuroptera. In his later career, he became a powerful voice for insect conservation in Australia. He has been an inspiring teacher and postgraduate supervisor of many former students who are now making significant contributions of their own to the study of Australian insects. Prof. New has also been a long-term supporter of the Australian Entomological Society and was President of the Society in 1988–1990.



About the Award

The Pat Marks Medal is the Society’s career award for excellence in entomology and is given every two years (odd years) to a member of the Society who has demonstrated excellence in entomology over many years.

The award is named in honour of Dr Elizabeth "Pat" Marks, the Society’s first Vice President and Chairman of the Executive. Pat was an outstanding entomologist who embodied the excellence in entomological pursuits that the award recognises. 


Nominations for the award are due by 31 July of an award year:

Using the link below, complete the online form and provide:

  1. Full name and current position of the nominee.
  2. Full name(s) and contact details of the nominator(s)
  3. In no more than two pages, provide details of the nominee's contribution to entomology which you believe qualifies him/her for this prestigious award.
  4. Add details of the nominee's contribution towards the AES and entomological community in Australia generally.
  5. There is an expectation that the successful nominee will attend the next AES conference for the medal presentation and will deliver a keynote address. An abstract for the latter should accompany the nomination.
  6. Developing the keynote address into a review paper for Austral Entomology is encouraged.