51st AES AGM and Scientific Conference 2020 

The 2020 scientific conference, planned for Mount Gambier, South Australia, has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Society will still be required to hold an annual general meeting this year and TAS (our secretariat) are exploring the options of an online AGM. It is anticipated that the AGM will be held at the end of November as originally planned. Details will be included in the August issue of Myrmecia and circulated by eflash closer to the date of the meeting. Reports from the President, Treasurer, Chief Editor and Myrmecia Editor along with reports from the Conservation and Education Committees will be published in the November issue of Myrmecia. 


2020 Ian Mackerras Medal

A call for nominations for the Ian Mackerras Medal appears in the May issue of Myrmecia. This is the society's major award for mid career researchers. Nominations will be assessed by a panel appointed by the President and, if a suitable recipient of this honour is selected, a medal will be presented.  With no conference being held this year, there will not be an opportunity for a recipient to make a formal presentation although submission of a Review Article on the recipient's area of expertise would be welcomed for the Journal¸ Austral Entomology. Instructions on nominating a member for this award can be found on the Society's website under the Awards menu option.


2020 Phil Carne Prize

It is intended to select a Phil Carne Prize winner from the student membership of the society based on assessment of entries in the form of a scientific paper as detailed on the Society's website. An assessment panel appointed by the President will decide on a winner and may also choose additional finalists if appropriate. There will be no assessment of presentations by finalists included in this year's prize.


2020 Scientific Illustration and Photographic Competitions

The Board is looking into running these competitions as on-line events in 2020. In addition to the usual monetary prizes, the Society's Chief Editor, Richard Glatz, and Myrmecia Editors, Stacey Anderson and Sam Ward, will use the event to select images for the covers of Austral Entomology and Myrmecia for 2021. How this process will be managed will be advised in the August issue of Myrmecia.


International Hemiptera-Plant Interactions Symposium 2020

The HPIS is an interdisciplinary, international congress, bringing together researchers who study phytophagous piercing/sucking insects, their complex interactions with their host plants, environment and pathogen transmission.

The next HPIS will be held in Melbourne, Australia, on 2-4 December 2020.

The congress will bring together entomologists with expertise on phytophagous hemipteran insects (Orders Hemiptera and Thysanoptera) and their endosymbionts, plant biologists and physiologists with expertise on plant defences and responses to hemipteran feeding, and plant pathologists with expertise on transmission of plant pathogens by hemipterans. It will facilitate an exchange of ideas and foster collaborations across disciplines, countries to strengthen our understanding of hemipteran biology, ecology, spread and economic importance.

Further details are available at http://hpis2020.com/ 


17th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress

The 17th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress will be held at Tagaytay, the Philippines in July 2022. Further information will be made available on the Congress website in 2021.