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The Australian Entomological Society (AES) is a membership based, professional society open to any person interested in the study of insects and related groups. The Society currently has about 400 members, including professional and amateur entomologists, students, enthusiasts, businesses and affiliated societies.


Membership Benefits

Membership with the Australian Entomological Society provides access to a community of professional entomologists and like-minded individuals, as well as news and job opportunities. In addition to the social and professional benefits, members receive:

       Quarterly issues of our journal, Austral Entomology, with electronic access provided by Wiley Online Library

       Our quarterly Myrmecia (our society's news bulletin), featuring national entomological news available as a pdf.

       Web site listing upcoming vacancies, conferences, workshops and events

       Reduced conference attendance fees

       No page charges for publication in the journal

       Candidacy for a range of prizes and travel grants

       Support for research on insects

       Support for insect conservation

       Lobbying for members on biosecurity and remediation

       35% discount on ALL books published by Wiley. See the updated AES member discount page at their website

Additional student benefits

       Meet entomologists, potential employers, stay informed about the latest issues

       Participate in the student forum and student dinner at the Society’s annual conference

       Apply for the Society’s Phil Carne Prize for excellence in a scientific paper

   ​​​​​​​    Become part of the community of entomologists in Australia


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Membership is valuable​​​​​​​

“I feel that the Society has provided friendship, encouragement and support at every turn, as well as opportunities through grants and prizes to enhance my career in many different ways.” 
Kylie Anderson, James Cook University

“The Australian Entomological Society provides the macroecological context which gives my microecological reality greater meaning." 
Martin Steinbauer, Winner of the Ian Mackerras Medal, 2016

“The journal is a pleasure to read and the conference provides the opportunity to emerge from isolation and share ideas with leading Australian entomologists, as well as meet like-minded people.“  
James Buxton PhD Student


Subscription types & fees

Subscription Type 


Full members (Austral Entomology and Myrmecia online)


Full-time students (Austral Entomology and Myrmecia online)


Retired members (Austral Entomology and Myrmecia online)


Joint members (Austral Entomology and Myrmecia online)


Myrmecia only (online) (individuals)



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